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The #1 course for both amateurs and young professional cooks who want to start their journey in the kitchen and learn how to cook mouthwatering food quickly and easily.


What You'll Get Inside:

Amazing Offer 1: The basics of cooking techniques taught in 7 days! Tips and Tricks to assemble recipes on your own (Value: $3,500)

Amazing Offer 2: Additional videos with Basic Recipes that can be made into multiple renditions for unlimited recipes

Amazing Offer 3: Full Access to the comprehensive Knife Skills course (4 modules & 78 lessons to be faster in the kitchen) (Value: $1,499)

Amazing Offer 4: Private Access to "One Week Chef" Facebook Group where we will meet DAILY to answer all your questions!  (Value $1087)               

Amazing Bonus #1 - Alexia's E-Cookbook "Pure Food, Pure Mood" with 83+ recipes Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free and Grain-Free (Value $7.99)

Amazing Bonus #2: "Chef Alexia's Basic Recipes Cookbook" fresh out the press! (Value: $50)

Amazing Bonus #3: "Chef Alexia's Basic Recipes Cookbook" fresh out the press! (Value: $50)




As seen on...

How my brother Phoebus got the woman of his dreams!

My two brothers used to call me and ask me to give them recipes, which I gladly did, typed them up and even was on the phone with them when they were preparing it! Well that's how my younger brother,  "seduced" his now wife Claire!

One day it clicked If I only taught them HOW to cook then they could cook ANYTHING!  No need for recipes anymore! No need for sister Chef Alexia to type up recipes at 3 am! (I am glad I did! now they have 2 beautiful children!) Just by looking at a dish they would know how to put it together and in what order to put the ingredients! 

This course started for them, but I know it is for YOU as well!  It is for me when I was 17 in college and realizing I had no idea How to cook.  It is for the 19 year old me who realized I have no idea What to eat to stay healthy and it is for the mid 20s to 30s me that has no time to cook but want great food in my belly.  It is for my best friend Maria who is a new bride, it is for my cousins Vicky and Joanna who are new mothers and hold the health of their family in their hands, it is for my friend Dani who needs to save money for her 3 children to go to college, and it is for my friend Troy who loves to workout and takes care of his body but needs more flavor in his food! Does that sound like You?

No more struggling in the kitchen, getting frustrated with the procedures and often disappointed with the final results.

Don't give up! I'm here to change that! I was there once too and I remember all the questions I had. So I made sure I answer all of them in this course!

When do I flip, How much salt do I put, What seasonings go great with each other, how do I keep meat moist, how can chicken be juicy, can my vegetables look bright green?

I got you!  The real success of a dish comes from the correct preparation techniques, high quality ingredients, flavor combinations and creative plating.

That’s where Basic Cooking Skills comes in!

In just 7 days you’ll learn how to prep amazing dishes without following any recipes!

You’ll also learn how to:
√ Roast
√ Grill
√ Saute
√ Pan Fry & Deep Fry
√ Braise & Stew
√ Shallow & Deep Poach
√ Boil/Simmering

Each day of cooking you’ll learn how to use all of these preparation methods on the four main types of food: meat, fish, poultry, and veggies!

As a result, by the end of the course you’ll be able to prepare amazing food at home (without needing recipes).

I have also included :

Answers to the most often asked questions from beginner cooks (timing, seasoning, salt)

Bonus 1: 5 Basic Sauces to make unlimited recipes

Bonus 2: 10 Basic Recipes that every cook should know

Bonus 3 : What Knives, Tools, Equipment and Pots & Pans to Have

And Much MoreClick to find out the details below

You don't have to spend years to learn this! With One Week Chef School you get all my 20 years experience and $40,000 in education in 7 days and for only $1997 $547


About Me

🏆 CIA trained Chef

🏆 2 x Best Greek Restaurant Miami

🏆 4 Chain Restaurant CEO

🏆 Top Chef Contestant

🏆 Winner of Multiple Cooking competitions

🏆  YouTube Cooking Host

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The training created to get you to Cook Perfectly in just 7 days!

Inside you'll get:

31+ Detailed Lessons

Learn How to Cook Perfectly by mastering the Basic Cooking Techniques and start cooking Delicious food immediately!

30+ PDF Downloads

Over 30 meticulously crafted downloads and links for your convenience.

Lifetime Bonus

Lifetime Access to all the bonus material and any future upgrades to this course - Forever!

You also get...

Online and On Demand

Learn all about Basic Cooking Skills from the comfort of your home at your own time and pace - Starting Now!

Available on Desktop, Tablet or Phone

Access to my Top-secret Facebook Group

Monthly Lives on a Members Only Private Facebook Group with direct access to Chef Alexia.  Get answers from fellow students and other Top Chefs on demand.


Direct access to me

Virtual, In Person, or Special Event.  Let's take it up a notch and get personal attention from Chef Alexia to get you there faster. Click here

Best of all?


You get to choose between:

Option 1: Paying $547 in full

Option 2: two convenient monthly payments of $274 or

Option 3: three easy payments of $184!


Pick your payment plan and place your order below!



Here's what some of my recent students have to say about my courses...

Melanie B.


After doing Knife Skills with Alexia I knew I would learn so much!  She over delivered in the first course and definitely got my money back so fast.  I can't wait to do Basic Cooking Skills and have already Pre-Signed up!

Christina A.


I learned how to sharpen a Knife y'all!  I never realized that dull knives make you work harder.  As a student I need my time and effort to go on studying and I'm happy now cooking is a breeze. I also love how Chef Alexia teaches, informative, straight to the point and fun!

Sabrina P.


As a trainer it is important for me to eat properly.  There is many times I am tired but I know that when I cook I get better food.  This class saved me a lot of time and now I can make Chef Alexia's 7 min recipes in 7 minutes!  Thank you.  Update: I got the Meal Plan and trust me I will recommend to my clients! 80% of weight loss comes from the Kitchen! I can't wait for the launch!

30 day Money Back Guarantee

I personally guarantee that if you follow the cooking methods exactly as outlined in the course, you will prepare amazing dishes for yourself and your loved ones.
And, I'll give you 30 days to try it out!


If within that time frame you aren't 100% completely satisfied, just let me know and Ill issue you an immediate, no hassle, no questions asked refund!

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Top features

  • 7 Modules
  • 28 Lessons & Recipes
  • Bonus 1: 15 Bonus Basic Recipe Lessons
  • Bonus 2:  What Knives, Tools, Equipment and Pots & Pans to Have
  • Bonus 3: Daily LIVE session for one week
  • Bonus 4: Access to the Private Facebook Group
  • Bonus 5: Three (3) of My Spice Blends
  • Bonus 6: FREE Knife Skills Course (Value $297)

2 Payments


Most Popular

  • 7 Modules
  • 28 Lessons & Recipes
  • Bonus 1: 15 Bonus Basic Recipe Lessons
  • Bonus 2:  What Knives, Tools, Equipment and Pots & Pans to Have
  • Bonus 3: Daily LIVE session
  • Bonus 4: Access to the Private Facebook Group
  • Bonus 5: Two (2) of My Spice Blends
  • Bonus 6: 50% OFF Knife Skills Course

3 Payments



  • 7 Modules
  • 28 Lessons & Recipes
  • Bonus 1: 15 Bonus Basic Recipe Lessons
  • Bonus 2:  What Knives, Tools, Equipment and Pots & Pans to Have
  • Bonus 3: Daily LIVE session
  • Bonus 4: Access to the Private Facebook Group
  • Bonus 5: One (1) of My Spice Blends
  • Bonus 6: 30% OFF Knife Skills Course

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